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What is eLearning?  Instead of missing class on snow days (or school cancellations for other reasons), students would work on class materials from home.  The adoption of an eLearning School Cancellation plan, which has been created with the involvement of Westfield Washington teachers, would limit the need for school days to be tacked on to the end of the school year.


How will it work? Teachers and staff will facilitate and support instruction during eLearning and would be able to be reached by students and parents through email, Canvas/Google Classroom, phone calls, social media and help desk - depending on the school.  Office hours will be communicated prior to eLearning taking place.


Is my child involved? Yes!  ALL children in WWS, from K-12, will participate in eLearning!  Students in grades K-6 will have 10 days to complete their eLearning assignments and will be informed of their lessons, activities and assignments through Google Classroom (k-4) or Canvas (5-6).  Students in grades 7-12 will be informed of their lesson, activities, and assignments, through Canvas on the day of cancellation and will have 2 school days to complete the work.  Additional information can be found on the district website under the Learning Systems department.